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BSkyB and the phone hacking scandle

The truth will out now.

How deep and how far reaching is this corruption in high places going.  Now even the whole of the government has lost all credibility.  If it ever had any to begin with.

Because believe me, corruption always starts at the top in any company or system.  So the enquiry will end up being a travesty of justice.

So who in all this mess can we trust to give us the truth and who when another election comes do we vote for as all parties have lost their credibility.

        Now is the winter of our discontent


BSkyB Scandal

Further to my blog regarding David Cameron and the Rupert Murdoch scandal as it is rumoured that Rupert Murdoch contributed towards David Cameron’s election campaign? If this is right surely this then becomes INSIDER Trading and I always thought Insider Trading was AGAINST THE LAW IN THIS COUNTRY so is Mr Cameron and the Coailition now putting themselves ABOVE THE LAW OF THIS COUNTRY?

I think the people of Great Britain deserve ANSWERS!

Signed Cassandra.

BSkyB for Sale

So it seems the whole government is in conspiracy regarding the sale of BSkyB to Rupert Murdoch huh?

As the British people own the 61% of the shares of BSkyB who gave the government the right to steal these shares from us and then have the cheek to sell them to Rupert Murdoch.

Because I never did and I’m sure as hell that 60 million people in this country never gave them permission to sell these shares either.

So isn’t it about time Mr Cameron and Mr Miliband would explain to us all.  Who gave them the right to do this.

If this sale goes ahead not only would they have stolen them but also OFCOM becomes an accessory to this theft.

Some answers from the government please